An arc shielding a female patient

People who have extensive-stage small cell lung cancer and are receiving certain types of chemotherapy may want to know this important word:

MyELOPROTECTION: (my-low-proh-TEK-shun)

A big word that means: helping protect the blood-forming cells in your bone marrow from a harmful side effect of chemotherapy called “bone marrow suppression.”

With COSELA™ (trilaciclib),

My course of chemotherapy begins with helping protect

My bone marrow from damage, so

My body can continue making the blood cells I need, so

My risk of bone marrow suppression is lower

You might still be processing your diagnosis. We're here to help.

Chemo can damage bone marrow and cause a harmful side effect

It's important to be proactive to help protect the blood-forming cells in your bone marrow during chemo.

Visual of unprotected white blood cells during chemotherapy

How could COSELA work for you?

COSELA can help keep your bone marrow from getting damaged by chemo.

Visual of protected white blood cells and red blood cells during chemotherapy

Questions about how to pay for COSELA?

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What to expect with COSELA

Here's info on what you may experience with COSELA.

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